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Mystery Box: Car Diffusers

Mystery Box: Car Diffusers

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These car diffusers are a must have accessory for your vehicle, closet or bathroom! Mystery boxes will be sent with mystery fragrances. 

Each bottle is 8ML and will be packaged in a sealed mylar bag. 

How to use: 

Twist the wooden top off and remove the plastic stopper. Replace the wooden cap and tilt the bottle for 1-2 seconds, just enough for the oil to coat the top. Don't tilt it for too long for the oil to leak. As the fragrance fades you can continue to tilt it to release more. Each diffuser should last anywhere between 1-2 months. 

Fragrance List:

Caramel Tobacco: Hints of bergamot and herbal coriander give way to honey and amber. Tonka beans add a touch of vanilla that compliments the bold honey. Resinous wood, musk, and tobacco leaf ground this fragrance with an earthy base. 

Beach Please: This much loved scent is an explosion of tropical fruits and rum. Beginning with top notes of juicy tangerine, orange peel, and lemon. Mid notes of sweet pineapple, tropical coconut, and citrusy orange add to the beach aroma before the rum base notes transforms this fruity fusion into a cocktail. A dash of sugar rounds out the fragrance for just the right amount of sweetness. 

Lemoncillo: Explicitly sweet and absolutely indulgent. Lemoncello Creme fragrance oil captures the rich and tangy essence of this Italian digestif. (Lemon, sugar, bergamot, cake, tonic bean, honey) 

Lemon Verbena: Zesty lemon and floral verbena combine in this uplifting fragrance. Bright, light sweet notes of citrus and sugar bolster a heart of lemongrass and lemon verbena. 

Mango & Gardenia: The vibrant mid notes of sweet mango and gardenia (coconut, peach, gardenia, musk). 

Beach Linen: A refined, ozonic freshness to any space. This clean scent starts with top notes of ozone and crisp linen. Eucalyptus and freesia complement the sea salt core of this fragrance. Berries blended with peach and tart apple. 

Bamboo & Coconut: Bamboo and Coconut is a luxurious marriage of fresh bamboo and smooth coconut. This prestigious fragrance oil brings a spa atmosphere to any space and is an airy, ozonic escape from the everyday. 

Cashmere Sugar: A luxurious and cozy blend of soft cashmere, warm amber and spun sugar with hints of soft jasmine, tea rose and pink peppercorn. 

Fierce:  A bold clean scent with top notes of lemon, lavender, and marine accord with mid notes of rose and jasmine on a dry base of sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk.

Lavender & Driftwood: A fresh, woodsy fragrance with an intriguing nautical edge. This fragrance oil offers a unique take on a lavender scent, marrying this timeless floral with more masculine notes of cypress, cedar, and amber.

Mahogany Coconut: A rich, unique blend of island coconut and exotic mahogany wood.

Mahogany Teakwood: An empowering, masculine fusion of mahogany, cedar, geranium and resinous woods delightfully supplemented with hints of lavender. 

Strawberry Pound Cake: The delightful aroma of freshly sliced strawberries accompanied by warm pound cake with whipped cream is sure to please. 

Shoreline: Bordering on a spa fragrance, cardamom and orange peel top notes balance a rich heart of sea salt resting on an aquatic base of palm, light musk, and amber.

Sugared Berries: Enhanced by fruity notes of strawberry, raspberry, and black currant, with base notes of tonka, vanilla, and a hint of light musk keep this ultra sweet scent grounded.

Mimosa: Bubbly champagne, sweet nectarines and citrus fruits on a sugar base of vanilla and musk. 

Black Tie: Complex notes of lavender, vanilla, woodsy and musk create this fragrance. 

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